Water is life


Water is a real source of wellness: a precious ally of our body, by virtue of its exceptional purifying and rejuvenating power. Water is life, it is health, it is rebirth for the body and the psyche.

Satisfy your senses with our aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy courses. Let your skin be caressed by the flowing water, let your nostrils be intoxicated by exotic scents and the most delicate fragrances. Give your eyes a wonderful harmony of colours, while your heart is lulled by the sounds of nature and relaxing melodies.

There is nothing better than a salt sauna to restore strength; nothing more beautiful than a eucalyptus-flavoured Turkish bath to instil deep peace in your soul. If you need freshness and liveliness, how about a wonderful emotional shower with the scent of menthol? Without forgetting the energising capacity of the geyser, the cold-water jets that come from below and that can really do wonders for circulation!

Usually, the geyser is alternated with the Turkish bath, but if you have other wishes, do not hesitate to talk to us: our primary goal is to give you a peaceful and happy holiday, based on comfort and relaxation. You have at your disposal a functional hot pool with hydromassage and cervical waterfall, as well as an area with loungers and fruit and herbal teas. A real dream that turns into reality!