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The expertise of the line treatments PAYOT draws on expertise from the inheritance of Doctor Nadia Payot. A method of beauty that comes from the unique alchemy of massage movements, effective active ingredients and sensory texture.

PAYOT Anti Age Facial Line
SUPREME JEUNESSESupreme Jeunesse Jour50 ml€ 95,00
Supreme Jeunesse Nuit50 ml€ 97,00
Supreme Jeunesse Regard15 ml€ 54,00
Supreme Jeunesse Concentre30 ml€ 85,00
FRESH BODYEau De Soin Energisante100 ml€ 37,00
Eau De Soin Relaxante100 ml€ 37,00
PAYOT Facial line
LES DEMAQUILLANTESLait Demanquillant Fraicheur200 ml€ 22,00
Lotion Tonique Fraicheur200 ml€ 22,00
Efface Cils Douceur125 ml€ 25,00
Gelee Gommante Douceur50 ml€ 33,00
Gommage Intense Fraicheur50 ml€ 33,00
MY PAYOTMy Payot Regard200 ml€ 22,00
My Payot Fluide200 ml€ 22,00
My Payot Creme De Jour125 ml€ 25,00
My Payot Creme De Nuit50 ml€ 33,00
My Payot Eclat Di Regard50 ml€ 33,00
SENSI EXPERTEau Dermo-Micellaire200 ml€ 25,00
HYDRA 24 +Hydra 24 + Creme Glacee50 ml€ 48,00
Hydra 24 + Gel-Creme Sorbet50 ml€ 48,00
Hydra 24 + Regard Glacon15 ml€ 30,00
Expo Hydra 24 Stick Levres4 gr€ 10,00
DR PAYOT SOLUTIONPate Grise15 ml€ 23,00
Creme Num30 ml€ 29,00
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