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Relaxing Get Together

“A friend knows the melody of our heart and sing it when we forgot words.”

  • Sparkling wine
  • Wellness Program with exclusive SPA | 4-6 people

Price: 40€ per person*
Duration: 2 hours

* Extra cost: Sparkling wine 50€
* Valid from Monday to Friday with min.4 max 6 people

Relaxing get together is a package for a group of friends of 4/6 people: an experience to live and to share.

Salus per Aquam Water becomes purifying thanks to the steam of the Turkish bath, regenerating through the whirlpools, invigorating with geysers, stimulating with enchanting aromas in emotional showers, balancing and toning using cervical waterfalls.

The seduction of aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy and the savory fragrances combined with the expert hands of therapists will stimulate your senses in a delicate and balanced way, giving a State of harmony and well-being.

Every taste has a story to tell and a smell through to speak you: another moment to add to your album of friendship!