Oriental wellness


Our masseuses use, with skilled and competent hands, the best techniques of the oriental world to give you wonderful massages. Ideal for loosening not only the muscle knots, but also those that grip the spirit. The sessions, in principle, range between 30 and 70 minutes and take place in individual booths.

Couples, therefore, can benefit from the massage at the same time, but not in the same booth. Even pregnant women or allergy sufferers have the opportunity to offer their body a similar gift, thanks to our range of 100% organic and natural oils.

Not only that: our guests have the opportunity to request personalized treatments, thanks to the valuable advice of the SPA manager. The highest quality standards are ensured, by virtue of the use of effective formulations and the best extracts from the marine world. This applies to individual wellness programs as well as to those on a weekly or monthly basis.