Covid-19 Situation Update

Guidelines and operational for Covid-19 emergency management

Our concept of hospitality is to take care of our guests. On the basis of this guiding principle, we have introduced new and accurate security measures, in order to maintain an environment as healthy, safe and in line with our quality standards as possible, by redesigning different work and management protocols for common spaces.

01. DPI

Personal protective equipment: masks, gloves and sanitizing gel are available to all guests and our staff. In addition, disposable items (gloves and masks) are placed in a special container with a lid to avoid bacterial contamination.


Guaranteeing the right distances is a fundamental requirement for the safety and well-being of our guests, for this reason we have created specific entry and exit routes, organizing the common areas to welcome guests individually, or individual family groups, with respect for everyone.


Within the common areas of our facility we have prepared Dispensers with sanitizing gel to ensure maximum hygiene for our guests and collaborators.


It is a good rule to check body temperature daily to avoid contagion risks, therefore we monitor our staff and each guest with body temperature control instruments according to the Prime Minister’s Decree of 24 April 2020 to ensure the protection of all those staying in our facility.


The rooms are sanitized and sanitized with systems that use dry steam ensuring a degree of hygiene comparable to that of an operating group, with the abatement, certified up to 99.999%, of the pathogenic charges present.

06. SPA

We have made the activities of our SPA for exclusive and limited use, to guarantee the safety distances and the well-being of our guests. We carry out daily water monitoring, monitoring the level of PH and chlorine in particular. Our operators are equipped with all personal protective equipment.